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Residencies and Workshops
Weekly Dance and Drum Classes

Our talented ensemble offers exciting, high-energy performances that give a taste of the vibrant culture. Through music and dance, people of all ages and abilities can experience a taste of West African culture. Dance and music are part of daily life there, used to celebrate birth, death, marriage, the harvest and other rites of passage. In Jeh Kulu's performances, we seek to re-create this community experience and foster insight into a different and fascinating culture. Following the African tradition of participation, we welcome audiences to join us in dance, music, and song.

We are happy to tailor our programs to meet your needs. Whether you want a full length main stage show, school assembly, wedding entertainment, or music festival talent, we will infuse excitement and energy into your event!

Because we offer small, large, and full ensemble packages, we can work with you to create a program that suits your needs and your budget.

" I liked the instruments they used because they were not only exotic but they were also the real thing. …I'm sure that people felt a lot of emotions in the performance because you could tell that everyone on stage was having fun."
- Caleb L

Residencies and Workshops

Photograph by Molly Ogden

"I liked to learn about the different kinds of drums." - Bonnie M.
Jeh Kulu has offered school residencies and workshops for more than 10 years. Our educational programs are sure to be a memorable learning experience for students of all ages. We have found that these programs enrich the lives of school children, teachers, and parents who have participated in them. We teach about African culture, music, and dance, getting people up on their feet so they have the opportunity to learn traditional dances and rhythms.
Bringing hands-on experiences into the classroom is a great way to share information, engage students in interactive learning, and open hearts and minds. Our residencies foster greater self-esteem through positive risk taking, cooperation with peers, and empathy and respect for others. A Jeh Kulu “Artist in Residency” program is sure to stand out as a unique and valuable addition to your students’ education.
To find out more visit our Educators page.

We will work with you and your organization to tailor programs to meet your needs!
Please contact us at jehkulu@yahoo.com or (802) 859-1802 to discuss your organization's specific needs

Weekly Dance and Drum Classes
Jeh Kulu sponsors several dance and drum classes each week. These traditional classes feature master artists and live music. Burlington is also home to several other talented teachers. See our Class Schedule to find out more about local dance and drum classes.

All classes are mixed-levels unless otherwise noted.


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